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March 1 2016

I remember watching my first ever TED talk almost 7 years ago. Sir Ken Robinson. I was impressed, inspired and invited to a whole new world. Since then I got hooked on to atleast a talk per week. It was[…]

February 12 2016

A must read book by Howard Gardner, the man known for his theory of Multiple intelligence. Simple, to the point and RELEVANT to anyone and everyone alive. So what are the 5 minds for the future? What should you and[…]

February 12 2016

My first time ever at the THINK EDU CONCLAVE by the New Indian Express at Chennai was ever so rewarding. What started as an invite by Santosh Sivan, my Mentor and inspiration translated into 2 full days of learning and[…]

February 5 2016

I have never blogged about any movie I have ever watched till now. Then, why this blog? What changed? In so many years of my movie watching experience, never have I had the immediate urge to do so ┬ábut as[…]

December 31 2015

The PERFECT Procastinator!!!! Today the world is filled with ideas, with innovation that can make or break the world, with grand plans for ourselves and our future. Why then are will still far away from Utopia [ a perfect world[…]

December 31 2015

My 3 BIG lessons learnt gracefully from 2015. Every year, in fact every day is almost a combination of good as well as not-so-good stuff. What we take out of what happens to us is more important than what really[…]

November 14 2015

SMART phones? Do we really become smart using smart phones? You may be thinking, I would say NO. Let me rather share a perspective that may not be shared by many. My life has transitioned from being busy to being[…]

November 14 2015

I was introduced to TED talks in 2009 by a good friend. The first talk that I watched, made me never want to miss another talk again. With the growing number of talks and the variety of people who add[…]

October 26 2014

I have never really been much of the motivational types. Sure! I think and aim towards making my life better, if not all days at least most days. I am sure you resonate with the title of this blog, especially[…]

May 30 2014

Admiration is common, growing to the level of the admired requires courage and hardwork. Having had the privilege of working with a lot of successful people in India, One thing that I will forever cherish is the magic that growing[…]

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