I was introduced to TED talks in 2009 by a good friend. The first talk that I watched, made me never want to miss another talk again. With the growing number of talks and the variety of people who add value as speakers, I am sure our favorites change . However my Top 3 have always been the below.

1. Ugly Indians – This is a TEDx talk held in Bangalore that is truly inspiring. I am not sure it is really a talk though, maybe a – walk the talk kinda talk. Guess we need more ” non preachy” talks like these.

Watch Talk here

2. The Discipline of finishing – This was a rather recent talk that I watched which got me to re-evaluate and re-focus. Powerful and action based with 3 simple action steps to master self discipline. Well done Conor Neill.

Watch talk here

3. Our Failing Schools – I have been a massive admirer of Geoffrey Canada since the documentary- Waiting for Superman. Humor, practicality blended with an idealistic approach towards education. Never miss Geoffrey in action.

Watch Talk here