SMART phones? Do we really become smart using smart phones? You may be thinking, I would say NO. Let me rather share a perspective that may not be shared by many. My life has transitioned from being busy to being free with the entry of smart phones, truly helping me balance work and life. Sounds unfamiliar huh? What do we see today? Phones replacing verbal communications at the dining table, selfies massaging the ego of oneself, frivolous stuff being constantly updated on SMM due to access to a smart Phone? Give me a knife, I can kill with it or cut fruits and eat them? It ain’t the tool that makes us bad but the way we use it.

I have found the following 5 apps make my life go from cool to cooler.

1. Heads up – I was suggested to play this by a friend and guess what, I Loooooveeeeed it!!! Play it everyday with my team in office. Helps improve my effective communication and bond with people.

2. Elevate – Never seen a skill enhancement app cooler than this, from verbal to logic to math. Essential, fun and soooo simple.

3. Trello – Organise my calendar, tasks and helps me communicate and stay in touch with my team no matter which part of the world I am in. Helps me stay on top, everyday.

4. Inshorts – My daily dose of news in just 60 words. Always wanted the news to be to the point versus like a novel:) A well thought through app that saves time and gets to the point

5. Office Remote – Finally! Microsoft came up with a quintessential app that was long pending. A slide changer compatible and built for Microsoft Power point. Works seamlessly, simple to use and mostly, even if I forget my slide changer, I need not fret:)