My 3 BIG lessons learnt gracefully from 2015.

Every year, in fact every day is almost a combination of good as well as not-so-good stuff. What we take out of what happens to us is more important than what really happens to us. Here is my top 3 from the wonderful year of 2015.

1. Health is wealth.

Oh god!Such a Cliche. Heard it, read it and recited it many times since childhood. How then could this be a lesson?Heard this so so so often that to me it was a cliché with no meaning attached to my life. Till in early 2015 my health was on the rocks..let us say I was having a condition that risked my life. At first blush my reaction was ” God, how can you do this to me. Why me? ” I knew I deserved better. Only eventually I realised that my body did too. I never allowed it to rest and abused it by being the workoholic that I am. I pledged to get my health back on track in the next 6 months. And I did. To every entrepreneur who is reading this. You may not believe it. But trust me. Without good health and great energy, all your dreams and hard work will be brought to an abrupt stop and it ain’t worth it..
Even till this day, I spend 30 minutes everyday consciously focusing on my health. From working out to drinking plenty of water to eating on time and when hungry, hit 10,000 steps/day on my Pedometer. I have found my own way of managing my health and time. And most importantly I got over my hydrophobia and learnt how to swim. Coming to that shortly……..


2. You never know what it is till you truly try it.

I have been hydrophobic since I was a kid. Never attempted swimming. ever. My brain was taught that “swimming ain’t your cup of tea ” till a few months ago a plush health centre with a pool opened up. I was forced to overcome my hydrophobia because swimming seemed like the easiest way to get fit ( considering I had aches and pains in my body and couldn’t try any other form of exercise ) I signed up for group sessions and even one to one sessions. And guess what, I told myself ” if I had learnt to swim when I was a kid, I would have made that my career” wow.. since then I never say NO to anything till I give it a fair shot;)

A friend of mine recently travelled 30 countries in 60 days. He shared a global perspective of the word ” Exploration”. Most part of the world’s youth between age 21 and 27 travel the world exploring what life has to offer them, post 27 is when they take their careers seriously after having travelled the world and explored themselves in various jobs. Wow! How profound:)


3. Your true self comes out during testing times.
A ten day trek to the Himalayas. My first adventure. Met people across India, a truly diverse group. After going through days of arduous climbs, sleeping in the chillness of the mountains with temperatures below 0 degrees. We were in survival mode. And lemme tell you, when man is in this mode, only his true self shows up. I was lucky to see the best in almost everyone of my team come out. Human character tested in extreme conditions resulted in team work, sharing, caring, laughter, encouragement and friends forever. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone didn’t seem that bad afterall:)