The PERFECT Procastinator!!!!

Today the world is filled with ideas, with innovation that can make or break the world, with grand plans for ourselves and our future. Why then are will still far away from Utopia [ a perfect world ] ?

Is it that we don’t have enough resources to start the business we always wanted to? Is it that we are not confident enough? Is it that we don’t have the time? What is it that is stopping us?

Research shows that today we are stuck with the PERFECTION syndrome. As you may have guessed, not syndrome is a happy and productive one. Most often we don’t want to take the first step till we get a perfect plan. Till the time is perfect. Till we feel we are perfect. Hence the Perfect idea never transforms into a perfect reality.

Why so? Why as humans are we hiding behind the excuse of perfection? The reason for this makes me dwell on another innate factor of us humans – Fear; Fear of failure. An undying need to not fail and be let down. We don’t take the first step, because we know we will fail. Failure is inevitable. [ If someone says, you will succeed at what you will do when you follow your dreams, they are selling you something that doesn’t exist. Because you will fail ] There are enough examples of failure along the journey that we see around us – businesses, relationships, promotions going bad, ill health etc. We don’t raise the initial investment, put down our papers, have that first conversation to sort the fight, we don’t pay the fee for the gym, start with a new skill because we know we will fail. And yes we will. And because we don’t want to face failure, we say we come up with things like – the time is not right, the weather ain’t perfect, the plan is not 100% ready etc When we recognise the fact that we aren’t ready to fail and make peace with failure, will we evolve into a state of childlike exploration, relentlessness and the drive to just take the first step and the many steps that follow.

Start with the doing the necessary, aim for perfection, achieve excellence. This is the natural process any idea goes through when being executed.

Here are some simple steps on how to get started,

  1. Have a master list of all your ideas. On an app like Simplenote [ available for iOS and Android ] List all your ideas, small and big, personal or professional. Do it now. Again remember, the list doesn’t have to be perfect.
  2. Visit this list as often as possible during the day. Set a reminder for yourself on your google calendar NOW, to remind you of times when you will want to review this list, while travelling or before going to bed.
  3. Pick an idea of the week. Maybe every Sunday evening and brainstorm on 3 simple things you can do that week, to give it life.
  4. Implement the 3 simple steps during the week.
  5. Re-visit the list the upcoming week and list the next 3 things you can do for the idea to takemore shape. Do the needful the next week.
  6. Repeat till this idea becomes a reality, maybe not perfect but a reality.
  7. Once a reality, you can go to Step 3, with a new idea this time.

Try this out. It works easy and well. Do it before you discard it. Do it to make your days count. Do it to push yourself. Do it because you are a Do-er and not just a Talker.

Remember! There will never be a time more perfect than NOW!
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