I have never blogged about any movie I have ever watched till now. Then, why this blog? What changed? In so many years of my movie watching experience, never have I had the immediate urge to do so  but as soon as a watched this one, I wanted to ecapsulate the experience as quickly as I could.

The answer lies in the truth and simplicity of the documentary by Chris, Jack, Sean and Ryan – Living on 1 Dollar. For a lot of questions that books can’t answer. This documentary welcomes you to the real world.

4 youngsters decide to take their education to the real world. Students , explorers, givers, socially responsible youngsters, what do I call them? International development was a subject taught at school, which these guys took to the real world. They wanted to test the theory of Living on a Dollar in the real world by living like them. They move to Pena blanca and decide to live on less than a Dollar a day. To understand the reality of poverty first hand.

In the process they learn ONE important lesson, Little changes can bring about massive impacts – Teaching them English, or the grameen bank facilities with long term saving accounts which has helped the women folk move from 1$ to 2$ living or even  The courage to be generous when one has very little to give.

I urge everyone to watch this movie:) and soak in your own message.

Watch trailer below here