My first time ever at the THINK EDU CONCLAVE by the New Indian Express at Chennai was ever so rewarding.

What started as an invite by Santosh Sivan, my Mentor and inspiration translated into 2 full days of learning and evolution for me fuelling my passion for the work I do in Education.

I wish not to bore you with my long essay on the conclave but my Key Take-aways. Read on if you are an educationist or a believer in better education in our country.

  1. Education should be a pursuit of excellence and not a pursuit of Marks – Smriti Irani
  2. ‘’Seema Darshan’’ a visit to the LOC by kids from 22 states is an initiative by the govt of India. [ More like the Junior apprenticeship program by I Love Mondays]
  3. A developing country should focus 9% of it’s GDP to Education, while India on an average dedicates 3.8% of the GDP
  4. A good govt is one that a. Makes a Policy  b. Provides Resources  c. Does not interfere in day-to-day operations
  5. We should help our Kids move from Parrots to Partners in Education -Poonam Mahajan
  6. The Ministry of skill development has identified 6600 job roles according to the current occupational standards – Rajiv Pratap Rudy
  7. It takes 12 years to educate a child and 12 weeks to skill them – Rajiv Pratap Rudy
  8. Currently, the industry is skilling, re-skilling or even up-skilling graduates, while this is the job of the Educational institution – Venkatesh Kini
  9. India needs systems that will help enable its people to be skilled. Not teach but enable – Sarathbabu Elumalai
  10. The schools of yesteryears aimed at narrow ambition and ruthless competition but the schools of today should focus on excellence and collaboration
  11. If someone points at the moon, look at the moon and not the finger that points – Santosh Sivan
  12. We need to study our own History – Madhu Kishtwar
  13. Every parent wants their child to be trained under the best teacher but the irony is that no parent wants their child to be a teacher – K Vaidiyanathan
  14. 3 skills for success – Passion, Dispassion and Compassion -Sri Sri Ravishankar
  15. Good teachers should have the love for Teaching, Learning and most importantly Learners:)

Books to read:

How to eat an Elephant by Bill Hogan

Lilavati’s daughters by Rohini M Godbole

The Battle for Sanskrit by Rajiv Malhotra

Did you know?

  1. The average spending power of a household for education has gone up by 30%
  2. IRCTC transacts 2 times more money than Flipkart
  3. Close to 50% of India’s population is below age 25
  4. When rural women were asked what are the 3 things they wanted to learn, guess what they said – English, driving and computers
  5. India has 43,000 km of Optical fibres in it’s railway system out of which only 12% is used.
  6. GIAN [ Global Initiative of Academic Networks ] is an initiative by the Govt of India faculty of Higher Education in India with Global faculty, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Hope you find this interesting and as you may have realised, this is just the beginning of a new India. Thanks to the New Indian express for such an initiative consistently and qualitatively executed for over 4 years.

Looking forward to the 5th edition:)