I remember watching my first ever TED talk almost 7 years ago. Sir Ken Robinson. I was impressed, inspired and invited to a whole new world.
Since then I got hooked on to atleast a talk per week.
It was quite a magical experience for me. With just one device and a fantastic medium called the internet, I was exposed to the minds, thoughts and experiences of various game changers across the world.

In 2016, I was invited as a speaker to the TEDx talk organised by Christ University. It was an exciting experience. For a speaker like me, who had given various key note addresses at Global and National platforms, what should have seemed easy, did not turn out to be, for the following reasons.

1. No interaction. Since I am not a preacher, I am used to having my audience interact. At TEDx, with just 18 mins to sum up my game changing talk, I had to figure out a way to not interact but engage with my audience.

2. Credibility. It is all about that at the end of the day. Since the talk would reach the global audience and be recorded forever in history, I had to spend a good 30 days validating every day, confirming and checking with every person I would quote during my talk. Phew. I felt so thorough:)

3. Connecting with my purpose. In the process of building credibility, I realised I had developed a clinical, Phd kinda speech. Thanks to the day before the actual talk, during rehersals, my team mate Gaurav who sat through my talk, told me that the talk was not ME.
We spent the next 2 hrs at the cafe where he asked me questions about my life, that made me truly connect with my purpose and give a talk I enjoyed and connected with the most.

I know this will not be the end of my TED journey. There is more. I listened to all the 16 fellow speakers and connected with their purpose too. As long as people like this exist and muster the courage to share their thoughts through this platform, I will keep learning, I will keep evolving:)

Thank you Chris Anderson.