I have never really been much of the motivational types. Sure! I think and aim towards making my life better, if not all days at least most days.

I am sure you resonate with the title of this blog, especially when we take a break after months of our stressed out life and work. I am sure you can also concur with my beliefs on the importance of taking the right kind of breaks.

The early years of my life never saw much of adventure except for the frequent visit to my grandparents place to visit them. It was the usual ” no homework, have fun” period of my life. That slowly translated into busy vacation. No time for anyone or anything. Study. Tuitions. Study. Sleep. We got so busy that we didn’t have time for the regular vacations as well. One day my dad decided to take a call and we all planned for THE outing. 10 days, touring the northern part of India. My first ever cool trip, my first ever actual trip ( I don’t consider visit grandmas place a trip 😛 ) I was anxious, excited, curious and most importantly happy. Fun time with family. Finally time for family.

When we got back, we decided to do a yearly family trip. Ya sure! That never happened cos we got back into the grind. Once I finished college, I started touring with small gps of people in the name of a conference that happened once in 6 months. This led to me really exploring atleast the tourist destinations to start with in southern India. Now we are talking about some kinda life that I truly had besides work. 2 years later, my long lasting dream came true when I visited Disney land in Hongkong. ( no! It’s not for kids ) it was the most fun place I had visited til now. How could Walt Disney come up with something sooo beautiful on earth. I saw more adults having fun in the name of kids. The atmosphere was a purely jubilant.

That’s when I promised myself that I will visit all the Disney worlds in the world. I am yet to visit the remaining 4. Surely will do so before I kick the bucket.

I know ther is a place in your mind that you truly wanna visit, explore. I learnt that I have to do this every year. Else it will never happen. The ” one day I will go here ” will remain as ONE DAY if I don’t take the step to do it TODAY.