Best Engineer

Like most engineering students in India, Martina decided to study Engineering because she had no other choice at that time. However she decided to give it her best.
She not just explored her academics but also spearheaded the college fest, newsletter, Cultural events, sports etc. During her 3rd year she even did her apprenticeship with a top Instrumentation firm in India.
Her final year gave her a better perspective to Instrumentation engineering. She along with her friends worked on building a camera trap to track animals and conserve them. In 2009, VTU awarded her with the ” Best engineering student Award ” The knowledge and skills she gained through her engineering days have laid a foundation for all that she has done till now.

Serial Entrepreneur

After exploring a career in training, she decided to add value in her way. Started with a training firm which catered to Learning and Development for the youth. Successfully ran a Web design and development company for 2.5 years. She finally saw that her heart wanted to badly start a venture that would add value to the youth in our country. She realized in all her travels and interaction with the youth that most of them were either clueless on what they wanted to do or did not know how to make their BIG dreams come true. Hence, I Love Mondays was born. It has not just created a platform for the youth to follow their dreams but also created several success stories that India will continue to hear over the years to come. I Love Mondays now works with the best of best in the industry who mentor children in various streams.

Social Entrepreneur

Over 6 years of working with students across rural India, Martina strongly believes that the youth are the future. What if?? What if each one us would spend a weekend empowering the ” not-so privileged” Mcube strongly urges the youth to invest back into the country, because they are indeed the future.People should work for any 3 things in life
       1. Money 2. Fame 3. Satisfaction.              And she has worked in all three fronts which is what makes her life complete. You can get the best of all three too.     Start now, start small , start in your neighborhood but start and make a difference. Even one person can make a huge difference. Let the one person be you, and then your friends, family, neighbors and then the rest will follow.