About Mala Mary Martina a.k.a Mcube

Is it a gift when someone gets the opportunity to 

* Identify what they love to do

* Pursue it for real.....

I am happy & blessed to have both. I do strongly believe that everyone deserves to live their best life, doing what they love and have the best coffee at Starbucks ( Hail, Howard Schultz! ) It took me 8 long years but never the less:) 

I strongly believe, 

''We anyway have to THINK

Why not think BIG

We anyway have to WORK

Why not do what we LOVE''


What keeps me going these days

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All of us have dreams, don't we? We want to grow up to make them come true. Unfortunately, we give up on the way. Circumstances, lack of preparation, money or as some say opportunities come in the way. 

Only a lucky few make it?

Is that true today? 

Each and every one of us can do what we love, we can embrace opportunity and make the best of our lives ( cos we only got one! Duh!! )

No matter who you are doing right now or how old. We are here for you. Sign up for an awesomesauce life of doing what you love with www.ilovemondays.in 


Having worked with over half a Million youth across India and 10,000+ working professionals via corporates, I know is it possible to see change. Like real Change. Not hocus-pocus stuff, Not trainings that are mumbo-jumbo motivational that fade away post the adrenaline rush. I believe in having a hands--on approach. Walking the talk. Do it and you will know it.
We can do what we love. We can fall in love with what we are doing, better communicate, better serve, better save, better invest and have lots of better LOL moments. Why? Cos we deserve it. 

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