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Updated: Jul 4, 2019

I’m a proud mom of a teenager – Arjun Nair, a passionate cricketer, an ardent music lover and also an automobiles enthusiast. I am glad to share his childhood experiences and how he identified his first love, Cricket as early as a 6-year-old boy.

We used to live in an apartment in Bangalore where most of the kids loved to play outdoors almost entire day and thankfully the parents were supporting that rather than letting the kids get hooked to any new-generation gadgets. We realised that it’s not just the chirping of birds in the morning that rejuvenates your mind when you wake up, but also the howling and shouting of the kids who play outdoor games. So, Arjun had the opportunity to play almost all the outdoor sports with the children of his age and sometimes with bigger uncles too.

This free play is the primary means by which children learn to solve problems, get along with peers, and become emotionally resilient. When he was in UKG grade, Arjun came to me one day and said he wants to go for cricket coaching. Till that day, I didn’t know there was something like a cricket coaching for such small kids. By that time, I had seen and also heard from many of my friends, especially those uncles who are attached to sports that he is enjoying cricket amongst all the sports that he played and he has that special knack of playing that sport. We have always encouraged his independence by letting him pick out a pair of pyjamas or a bedtime story and he exercised that right dutifully when he wanted to try out his hands-on the game of Cricket.

We promised to send him for the coaching during his summer vacation time in our home town and did so.

Sports and discipline go hand in hand. The first cricket summer camp he went, which I expected more to be a fun event was actually a professional coaching place. They had their everyday sessions from early morning 6:30 and he had to report there latest by 6:25am. Arjun diligently attended the sessions every day, without even cribbing for a single time about the early morning routines.

As we know, passion is a source of interest and excitement which is unique to each individual. I guess, that was the feeling that kept him going. We knew that it can shift and change as he grows and it can’t be forced. But once the summer vacation got over, he wanted to continue the coaching here in Bangalore too which was supported by his then coaches. So, we identified a neighbourhood cricket camp for him to continue his passion. We as parents resisted our urge to judge his choice, but just supported him in the present tense and gave him the freedom to pave his own road to happiness.

Arjun is now 15yrs and is still strongly pursuing his passion since past 8 to 9 yrs with his heart and soul into it. It was an extremely proud moment for us when he got selected to represent Karnataka U14 State cricket team in the Year 2017-18. Thanks to his coaches who are mentoring him not only as a good cricketer but also as an excellent human being. We as parents are always grateful to cricket which taught him many life skills like team work, sharing & caring, time management, communication, managing failures & successes, healthy lifestyle name a few.

We thank almighty for giving us the power to support our son’s passion, and our message to Arjun always is,

 Enjoy the journey and try get better as a human being everyday. The rest will follow.

Deepa Saji,

Parent, Life coach in the making, Education Enthusiast

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